Real-time Hair Cards Physics - Last of us Ellie - UE5

Wind based physics

Clay version of Wind based cinematic physics

gameplay Based physics

Clay version of Game play based physics

gameplay physics

Realtime Cards

Realtime Cards


We wanted to apply simple hair physics to the Low poly Hairs in Unreal engine to test the movement of the cards in Unreal engine. here is the simple test results for Last of us ellie hair.

There are two styles of physics we used. They are:
Simplified version for Gameplay which just moves the hair according to the animation.
Another physics style is more intense with wind. when wind hits the hair it moves according to the wind.

Note: These are just quick tests and Initial Tests. Much better results are possible with more tweaking of the chaos physics.
We are still developing few more features to get much better results for lowpoly cards.

Thank you,
Team Mountaindog Studios